Security, professional approach and experience are the most essential issues in the field of aesthetic medicine. Sielanka Beauty System guarantees the highest quality of services provided by Doctor Łukasz Ordynowski. He received his Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine Certificate from Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. During his studies he joined the Student Scientific Association in Department of Dermatology and authored scientific publications in the field. In 2008-2012 he worked for several Spanish medical centres: SARDomus, Centre Mčdic Baqueira Beret, CMC CB Catalunya and SEM Barcelona. Currently, he works for the University Hospital in Kraków. Doctor Ordynowski has completed a number of courses in aesthetic medicine, including application of hyaluronic acid fillers, botulinum toxin injections as well as needle mesotherapy treatments. His passion is to look for best ways to model the face and restore its proportions while keeping its natural look.
Learn more about his work on Facebook - "Ordynowski medycyna estetyczna".
We ensure absolute discretion for our Clients.

Aesthetic Medicine Consultation
     120 zł
Aesthetic Medicine Consultation from the doctor, when a part of the treatment, is included in the price of the service and do not increase the total cost of the treatment.  
Mimic wrinkles removal - botox
1 unit of botox 28 zł
crow's feet 350-400zł
under eye wrinkles 120 zł
lion wrinkle 400-450zł
horizontal forehaed wrinkles 450 zł
bunny wrinkles 300 zł
smoker's wrinkles 60 zł
lower face lift 300 zł
neck wrinkles 300 zł
mouth corner lift 60 zł

The above prices are approximate and they can either increase or decrease depending on the expected effects, patient's anatomical conditions and the amount of botox units applied as it is considered on the individual basis.


Correction of wrinkles and creases with hyaluronic acid fillers
(nose and mouth creases, small and deep facial wrinkles, lines around lips)
Stylage S 1ml 1100 zl
Stylage M 1ml 1200 zl
Stylage L 1ml 1200 zł
Stylage XL 1ml   1300 zł
The substance is applied according to medical recommendation: the price is dependent on the amount of substance used.
Facial Contour Shaping with Hyaluronic Acid

Stylage 1ml

   1400 zł
Stylage 2ml  2200 zł
Nose shaping 1100 zł 
Lips Augmentation and Reshaping 1100 zł
Needle Mesotherapy
Firming and hydration  
Eye Area 750 zł
Lip Area 1400 zł
Full Face 450 zł
Neck, Decollete, Breast 450 zł
Deep firming and hydration  
 Stylage 1ml 750 zł
 Stylage 2x1ml 1400 zł
Dark Circles under Eyes Removal 500 zł
Stretch Marks and Loose Skin Reduction
Anti-Hair Loss Mesotherapy
     500 zł

     400 z


      Non-Invasive Face Lift

     Face and neck - the treatment stimulates collagen fiber regeneration, tightens the skin, causes immediate face lift, smoothes wrinkles and improves facial contours

     Body -the treatment reduces cellulite and local fat, reshapes the silhouette, firms the skin, encourages lymphatic drainage, significantly fades stretch marks.

zd_400 Price: Face - 200zł      
 Face + Neck - 250zł
 Legs - 200zł
 Buttocks - 100zł
 Stomach - 100zł
 Eye Contour - 50zł 

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