It's been 15 years since our makeup artist has been offering her helping hand to businesswomen, artists and persons performing image-oriented jobs, teaching them how to emphasize their individual personality by choosing the right  clothes and make-up. The adequate style,  colour of attire, make-up and hairstyle are essential in building our image in other people's eyes, in both personal and professional contexts.
We strongly encourage you to take part in our courses instructing you on how to pick the ideal color palette for yourself or choose the type of make-up that will subtly enhance your natural features and fit the character of your job.

Ladies who wish to change something in their image are strongly encouraged to arrange a makeover session with our stylists.
It's also a perfect gift idea for your Mom, sister, wife or a significant one.

And here we have some examples of our makeovers.

Mrs Antonina is a 72-year-old retiree, busy with taking care of her grandchildren and lacking time to think about herself. However, the idea to change something about herself has been rambling through her mind and so, finally, she decided to let us transform her look. A face lift has subtly improved the contouring and lift soggy cheeks. The oxybrasion treatment reduced skin discoloration and lightened up her complexion. Colour change and the proper cut gave the hair more volume. The overall effect was completed by a delicate make-up which enhanced Mrs Antonina's beautiful features.

Monika is 36-year-old Mom leading a busy life and doesn't always have time for long beautifying procedures. We recommended a change of hair color and red ombre to brighten up her face. The oxybrasion treatment removed discolored skin patches caused by sun exposure and now even her make-up-free face has an even skin tone, while her skin stays fresh and glowing. The eyelash perm made lashes curled and upturned and the eyes look bigger now. Finally, a little henna put on Monika's eyebrows emphasized their pretty shape.
So here they are, judge the effect by yourselves.

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