Upon visiting our centre, you will meet a qualified personnel who has a long-lasting experience in eyelash styling. Undergoing constant training programmes, our staff offers high-standard services as well as introduces our Clients to the latest trends.
We offer a precise application of eyelashes, using 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 method, with adequate separation of lashes which prevents clumping . This will make your natural eyelashes stay healthy and the false ones - stay on for extremely long.
Our offer includes various types of eyelash thickness and length, so that we can satisfy every preference, cater to all beauty types and characters as well as create a natural and highly visible lash effect.
Join the group of our happy clients!    
Total Service Time: 1,5-2h
Price: 200-250 PLN
Additional Service Price: from 100 PLN
Take part in our individual professional training programmes in eyelash extension and thickening. You will be offered basic knowledge plus tricks of the trade from professionals, which will help you apply your eyelashes perfectly and effectively.

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