Sielanka Beauty System Loyalty Program
Terms & Conditions
The following regulations stipulate the rules for granting and using the LOYALTY CARD issued by "Sielanka Beauty System" Beauty Institute, later referred to as CARD.
The Loyalty Card Program
1.Loyalty Card is a program created for clients who buy services offered by Sielanka Beauty System Institute and its aim is to provide benefits for the loyal clients as well as provide them with information.
2.The Loyalty Program Membership is personal and non-transferable.
3.The Loyalty Program Membership may enable the clients to take part in promotions addressed for the Members.
4. The promotions mentioned in the above point may be of a general or individual character, which depends entirely on the decisions made by Sielanka Beauty System Institute.
5.The Card is non-tradeable and remains the property of Madmedia company.
6. Sielanka Beauty System Institute reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Program at any moment.
7.The issuance of the Card is initiated upon signing the Terms & Conditions and the registration form by the client and giving their free individual consent for processing their personal data by the Madmedia company for the purposes of direct marketing.
8. Personal data will be protected in accordance with the Law of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of personal data.
9. The aforementioned consent is indicated by signing the registration form by the client.
10. All Program Members have the right to access and correct their personal data.
11.  Sielanka Beauty System Institue guarantees the Members’ right to control the processing of their personal data.
12. Member can be regularly updated via mail, telephone, SMS message or electronic mail about the promotional campaigns in Sielanka Beauty System Institute.
13. Loyalty Card entitles to:
- on the 5th visit -  reduction of 50% from the average cost of the previous services (the reduction however cannot be higher than 50% of the chosen treatment cost)
- a free treatment on the 10th visit equaling the average cost of the previous, paid visits (the amount can cover 100% of the treatment cost but the exceeding amount will not be given; an extra payment is possible)
14. Treatments with the maximum of 20% discount of the real price will be entered to the card, all other treatments, whose cost was reduced by a discount bigger than 20% of the real price (e.g. during one-off promotional offers) will not be entered to the card.
15. Each card is assigned to one section. Each Member is allowed to own the maximum of 3 cards for different sections (e.g. Hairdressing, Cosmetics, Hands).

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