Permanent Make-Up
At our Institute permanent make-up is applied using the traditional method and the feather hair-stroke technique. This beauty treatment performed by our specialist with 9 years of experience guarantees excellent results.
                                                                                        Eyebrows : 800 PLN
                                                                                        Lips: 600 PLN lip contour; 900 PLN with filling
                                                                                        Upper Lid Line: 600 PLN
                                                                                        Lower Lid Line: 400 PLN
A well applied permanent make-up enhances the natural beauty of a woman's face as well as hides little imperfections. The key to ideal make-up are well-selected colour cosmetics with matching colour tones to ensure that we create an entirely natural look.
Our chief make-up artist has a 15-year experience in the field. She started her career by applying make-up to fashion models and the famous Elite Model Look contest participants. She took a course from Ivan Saputer, a worldwide know make-up expert working for such famous brands as Dior, Givenchy, Lancaster, Shiseido and Etre Belle.
    Daily Make-Up - 90 PLN
    Evening Make-Up - 90 PLN
    Bridal Make-Up Trial - 150 PLN
    Bridal Make-Up -  150 PLN
    Make-Up Training -  200 PL
We travel to wedding location in Kraków for free, to areas outside Kraków (to 50km) for 30-50 PLN.
Make-up for each additional person in the Bride's house - 90 PLN
    Flair Lashes - 30-50 PLN
During  holidays prices are calculated individually.  Call today to book your Bridal Make-Up in advance.

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